Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Holy Shit its the recap

Session starts out with Raell leaving the market place and heading for tread light inn after buying some arrows. Once at tread light he enters and ignores stuck pigs greeting and heads straight to Cor’Nal’s room where they discuss that no business had gone on at the barons estate over the previous night and Luthor's previous assassination of Will Wilson by someone in the form of a troglodyte so by Raell’s reasoning it could have been Luthor because its unlikely that one would naturally be in town. Cor’Nal suggests that we get everyone together and speak of the previous nights and what the actions of the group should be. Raell goes and retrieves Luthor while Cor’Nal goes to retrieve Ademar and hands him the necklace of protection +1 that he had identified the night before. So everyone is brought into a meeting in Cor’Nal’s room where everyone is informed by Cor’Nal that he has information that shows the dwarf they are looking for is in the baron’s estate. Ademar quickly says no to Raell’s suggestions of asking the baron or paying the baron for the dwarf because he feels that both of those options would prove useless. Luthor then speaks up with another option of working with the black glove 13 and in exchange for the assassination of Black Rhett they will help take out the baron. Raell quickly wastes no time in accusing Luthor of the killing of Will Wilson where Luthor defends his status of being innocent. Raell then suggests that before he is willing to go along with the black glove 13 he wishes to speak with them in person and Ademar quickly agrees with that motion. Cor’Nal then starts asking about how Luthor knows of the black glove 13 where Luthor starts supplying the group with a few shady answers to shift the focus of the discussion. Cor’Nal then says that if things are going to continue that we are going to have to be completely honest with each other and not hold secrets and work as a group which everyone agrees to. The group also discuses what is to be done with Gareth and should they include him on everything or should he be left out should he be a spy for someone. The group agrees that they will finish the preparations for tonight’s doings and then judge his reaction to try to figure out if he is in league with anyone or not. Cor’Nal then ask that Gareth accompany him for the day so he can not only keep on eye on him but judge his character and before leaving the room turns to Luthor and pulls out the amulet of golem bane and says that it wasn’t the cause of the curse and that he try not to pawn things off on him that he senses as a threat Luthor accepts the amulet but after a few thoughts hands it back saying that he would rather someone in the front line hold on to it. Luthor then leaves and goes to try to set up a meeting with the black glove 13. He goes and speaks with Tink letting him know that his group is interested in doing the job but they would like to speak with BG13 before accepting it Tink says that he will see what he can do to arrange a meeting with Kazen. He meets with Kazen and explains the situation with him where Luthor is informed that he will not meet with them in person but he will send Tink, Kazen, Digger and a couple others to speak with the group on Boss Kasey’s behalf at 30 minutes after closing downstairs.
Cor’Nal and Gareth leave for the market place, Raell and Ademar stay in the inn for the day and speak with Stuck Pig. While eating breakfast Ademar strikes up a conversation with Stuck Pig about his life and the things that go on around the town. Raell then after hearing some stories slides Stuck Pig 20g and tells him not to tell anyone and to have fun in the market place. After Stuck Pig leaves them Raell asks if Ademar knows anything about the dealings that Luthor is into in the town. Ademar responds and says that he only knows of one that involved a holy man and that he urged him not to continue them on his own but feels that he would not listen.
While in the market place Cor’Nal sells a few of the items that they have received (most likely for a loss) and happens to pick up 2 diamonds worth 300gp each and 1 diamond worth 150gp a ring of white yellow and rose gold in the shape of leaves going around it with a faint glow of evocation and then finds a man selling wands but the man has no clue as to what any of them do and is charging 50g for each of them. So he decides to just buy all 7 of them and give them to Luthor to use and while he is at it he picks up 20 master worked arrows for Ademar. While on his was out of the market place Cor’Nal spots the Baron and Throd at a clothier and he looks them over for any magic affects and finds that the baron carries none but Throd carries many. Cor’Nal speaks to Gareth and finds that he has never been this far north before and hails from North Hembers where he was an enlisted man and after his service was up he joined a mercenary group and then left that to venture north because he has heard that it is more lawless and that there was gold to be made. They leave the market place selling everything but the goblet and the choker.
The rest of the day goes smoothly and the group meets up and spends the day in Tread Light where they discuss previous adventures and speak to Gareth where they learn a little more of him and judge his character while Ademar fights with his lack of tolerance with wine. After closing the group meets down stairs in the tavern as planned and speaks with BG13 about what they plan to do after Black Rhett is eliminated. Raell gets into a heated debate with BG13 over the topic of Farcus Winslow. BG13 says that they have no concern over the dwarf and they have no intention of a counter negotiation with them the group either accepts the offer or doesn’t but there will be no countering. Ademar is concerned that the BG13 has acted out and taken care of things in the same manner as does Black Rhett and they assure him that they are just the voice behind what is done they are not the hammer that carries it out. Raell then brings up the fact that Widow Monterey was not dead or killed by Black Rhett’s doing and that we were involved but did not kill her that she was already dead and that we had to go in to retrieve Luthor at one point for he was in there and dead and that we had went in to retrieve him and bring him back from the dead. This brings the BG13 group to an uneasy stance and they then ask if we are in league with Black Rhett and that they are altruistic and that they don’t want to be taxed any more. They just want the group to break the spokes of the wheel that support the baron in hopes that the baron will fall after words on his own. They want to see the town prosper because it is made up of people that did wrongs and came there to get away and start new but they cannot do it while under the baron's rule and they look to change that. The BG13 states that they are not fond of Raell and that they tire of his talk about the baron the group either takes the offer or not but they will discuss it no longer. The group agrees to take the job and Luthor says the group will do it for 200g per head which Ademar does not seem to be happy with since it’s a job that they have not been able to complete themselves. The group is then given information pertaining to where the people of Black Rhett’s group are and that they are to eliminate only Black Rhett, Marcus Two Blades, Cypher and Keel-hull Tom.
So with some discussion the group heads over to the east side of town where they check out Marcus Two Blades house where there is no smoke coming out of the chimney and the windows are black so after scouting the house the group heads over to The Longest Mile where they get a table and have a drink and Raell decides to get an audience with Black Rhett. Raell speaks with Rhett about any jobs that he might have for him and comes out with nothing more than the information that Rhett’s whole group is in the room with him. For the rest of the night the group sits and watches the inn and as the last of the people leave Keel-hull Tom comes out to throw out a couple of stubborn drunk patrons and gets into an argument with Cor’Nal that got heated but didn’t go any further. The group leaves with the exception of Raell and Gareth who have rooms in the inn and retire to them. Once in their room they lower down a rope and the rest of the group climbs up into their rooms unnoticed. A plan is then devised for Ademar to hide behind the door in Gareth’s room and for Raell to go down and get Flanders to bring up something to fix a supposed leaking roof. The plan goes off without a hitch with Ademar not only hitting him but criting him he is then left in the room and the door is locked behind the group as they go downstairs. Once downstairs Gareth and Ademar take up spots in the stairs Luthor takes up a spot in one of the booths by the front door and Cor’Nal brings in Basali through the back of the kitchen. Raell then goes and pounds on the door where Black Rhett is and telling him that he has seen some people in the stables who he assumes is with the BG13 because they only have one black glove on. Rhett sends out Cypher through a secret door to check after closing the door on Raell. Raell tries to force the door back open and manages to push Keel Hull Tom out of the way and enters yelling they’re here while Keel-hull Tom pulls out a great sword and pushes the door closed again. Cypher then comes back in saying that there wasn’t anyone out there and then they bring Raell into the room and the fight starts with Cor’Nal casting shape wood and takes away 10’ of the wall exposing the still living Raell and the whole group and the fight ensues. Black Rhett and his group is slain with Raell almost dying. After healing Raell the group brings the bodies of the dead inside the tavern and covers up the sight of the battle. Luthor searches the room Rhett was in and finds a secret trap door where he finds Fangis and leaves him for Cor’Nal to retrieve and he heads out of the room for the room Flanders was left in and that’s where the session ends.